John A. Szivek, Ph.D.
William and Sylvia Rubin Chair of Orthopedic Research,
Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Chair, Biomedical Engineering Graduate Interdisciplinary Program and Professor, Bio5 and Physiological Sciences Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Director, Orthopedic Research Laboratory,
Senior Scientist, Arizona Arthritis Center,
Adjunct Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Adjunct Professor, Materials Science and Engineering


Jose Valdez designs and constructs an apparatus to uniformly mechanically load chondrocytes.

Chelsea Brown prepares to process an adipose sample to derive stem cells.

Amanda Urbina prepares to count adipose derived stem cells while using light microscopy.

Heather Waters prepares to feed the adipose derived stem cells with growth media.

Patrick Kishi visually examines histological slides looking for type II collagen.

Javier Rojas prepares to solder a wire to a rosette of strain gauges, while using a light microscope.

Jackie Ouellette electronically tests a wired rosette of strain gauges using an ohmmeter. 

Nick Diggins calibrates the mechanical testing system to fatigue test polybutylene terephthalate scaffolds.

Dave Gonzales prepares to mechanically load bone using the mechanical testing system.

Michael Martinez carefully prepares a sheep bone model for mechanical testing.


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